LED Refugium Light

A360 Refugium

Superior Illumination

Green Light


The A360 Refugium includes a Narrow Reflector that will prevent unwanted light spillage in your sump. The Narrow Reflector attachment increases the penetration of the light and reduces spread to 24"x 24" from the standard 36" x 36"

Blue Spectrum

The Blue spectrum accelerates the growth of a plant at any stage by encouraging prolific stem extension. Use this for refugiums with predominantly soft corals (pulsing xenia, etc).

Grow Spectrum

The Grow spectrum is designed to produce vegetative growth throughout the life cycles of many different Macroalgaes. Use this for refugiums with mostly macroalgae (including, but not limited to, cheato, caulerpa, gracilaria, and dragon breath).

Bloom Spectrum

The Bloom spectrum boosts yield by encouraging flowering during the plants crucial reproductive stage. Use this to promote growth on any type of flowering plant.

Red Spectrum

The Red spectrum is designed to facilitate tissue culture and cloning by promoting maximum root growth at any point in a plant’s life cycle. This wavelength is most commonly used to increase the plant's productivity and quality of harvest in terrestrial plants.

Daylight Mode

Use the pure white daylight mode to illuminate the sump for cleaning or taking photos.

Green Light Mode

Use the green light to monitor plants without disrupting the plant’s growth cycle. This spectrum is only available with the WiFi Dongle.




Switch the spectrum depending on the phase of the plant growth.

Try it!

Increased Durability

Designed for the harsh sump environments, the A360 Refugium is water-resistant.

Vortex Fan

Our innovative heat management system enhances longevity and cooling efficiency.

Technical Specifications

A360X Refugium



2.67" x 4.3" / 6.8cm x 11cm (H x D)

Unit Weight

0.86lb / 0.39kg


Blue, Grow, Bloom, Red, Daylight, Green

Power Adapter

100-240V AC (input) 19V DC (output)

Power Consumption

90W max


What's in the Box

1x A360X

1x A360X Narrow Reflector

1x Power Adapter

1x AC Adapter Cable

1x DC Extension Cable

1x Hanging Ring

2x Metal Screw Hook

2x Hanging Bracket

Optional Accessories

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